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5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps

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5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps

There was a time when people used to store their contacts in notebooks and diaries but that time has changed. Now people store their phone numbers mostly in mobile phones and there is a high chance of having multiple numbers if the contact list is very long. So here go some apps which removes duplicate contacts automatically.


This app is available for iPhone as well as android users. It removes duplicate contacts with a great efficiency. This app can delete multiple contacts at a time. It goes with the special feature of auto syncing the contacts and backup can also be created for the contacts. It’s comprehension is also quite easy.

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts:

This is one of the most efficient apps for iPhones. Within a few seconds, multiple contacts can be deleted at a time. Backing up and restoring the contacts is one of the greatest features of this app. It comes with attractive internal designs. The only drawback of this is that it is not available for android phones.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover:

This app deletes duplicate contacts and manages the contact book most efficiently. This app is not only efficient in removing duplicate contacts but also in managing the address book. It comes with the best feature of backing up all the contacts from the contact list. One can recover any contact if he wants.

Contact Remover:

This is one of the apps which is a simple yet very powerful app. It can remove multiple contacts at one time. It doesn’t require much time for managing the contact list. It comes with the special feature of searching the names by address, name, company etc. It’s an easy and handy app to use for the users.

Duplicate Contact Manager:

It is a fast yet very convenient app for android users. It is very useful in removing as well as merging contacts. It has the special feature of highlighting the contact which is saved by different names in the android device. Contact details can be stored in PDF, Txt formats. It’s an application which is simple and easy to use.

So these are the apps for android device which are very easy to download and use to apps for deleting duplicate contacts very efficiently.

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