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Top 5 Travel Apps for the Smart Traveller

Traveller Apps


Top 5 Travel Apps for the Smart Traveller


I once went on a short trip with my friends. However, we got lost on the way. Then, suddenly a car stopped by. We told the driver about our situation. He guided us about the route. We thanked him and set out for our destination. But, you can saved from this horrific situation. Thanks to the apps below.

City mapper

When we set out to travel, our unsaid desire is to reach the destination quickly! With Citymapper, we get the fastest way to our destination. Next hassle is modes of transport. The train and bus stations nearest to us are on the app right away. The next train on the station is also open to view.


Packing was always your personal responsibility and a big headache. What if you are provided with customized lists of what to take along on your journey? Packpoint does exactly that. But how? If you enter the destination, length of staying, activities, dates etc., the list will be ready. This list can be saved for further use. Every time you decide to go to that place again, simply check the list.


Rebtel connects you to your family without the hassle of increasing phone bill/ obtaining local SIM cards. Internet connection is no more required for the purpose. The app connects you by attaching to local telephone lines.

All trails

If you are up for adventure and sports, employ this app to help you with the region’s most exciting biking, running and hiking paths. What will this app do, however? The details on starting location, trail quality, length, reviews from hikers and photos of the trails will be right at your fingertips. Looking at the details, you can judge whether you can go for your adventure journey without risking your life and valuable time. This app also provides you your packing list.


Want a night stay at a hotel urgently? Afraid of the price? Dayuse would get a hotel room for you for some hours for 75% less than the typical rate.


These are many travel apps available today, which can help you reach your destination safely. They ensure that you love your journey and travel without worries. These apps are indispensable for a traveller.

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