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10 Best Classic PS1 Games

10 Best Classic PS1 Games


10 Best Classic PS1 Games

PlayStation aka PS1 is a key to unlocking the hearts of the children in today’s generation especially boys, although, people of all ages do play them. It was first released in 1994 and the world has never looked back on it.

In addressing video games, Below is a list of the 10 best classic PS1 games you can enjoy playing:

Resident Evil 2

The game is played by two characters who fight their way into Raccoon city to make sure they don’t get killed by their fellow zombies.

Tomb Raider ll

The sequel of the massive hit revolves around Lara Croft who travels around places to save the Dagger from the evil people. The adventure of the game increases as Lara explores places.

Metal Gear Solid

This has to be one of the best classics as everything about the game is unique and different. Solid Snake is one of the strongest characters that fights against the enemies all by himself.

Vagrant Story

The story revolves around the Kingdom of Valendia, where the hero Ashley Riot is assigned to find the truth about a certain political injustice that has happened in the kingdom’s legislation.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is another horror hit apart from Resident Evil ll expect the game also gives its players an insight into psychological trauma and nightmares.


The Driver is the perfect game to learn your ways to use wheels. As the wheelman, you drive the car with hurdles and adventures around the streets of New York and other cities.

The Legend of Dragoon

Who would hate to ride a dragon? The action sequence of the game makes the player feel surreal and gives them real experience while playing.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The game is from the Final Fantasy Series that lets the player go on battles with other places on the map available. The game features various types of jobs and abilities that are best out there.

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter is played on a third perspective where the protagonist is a spy agent who goes around the city to resolve the puzzles and the mysteries

Gran Turismo 2

A pragmatic racing game that gives the players a taste of the track field. This classic racing game cannot be boring even when played for hours.

These 10 games will surely make your life a little less boring and more bearable.

Happy playing!

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