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10 Best Utility Apps for Android 2022

Best Utility Apps for Android 2022


10 Best Utility Apps for Android 2022

Often we don’t know and remain confused that which apps should be downloaded for our android phones. So here goes the list of top 10 android utility apps:


It’s a free app for android. During long trips, this app helps to find out the gas stations. It also provides the feature of searching fueling stations. This app is only available in United States, Australia and Canada.

Find My Device by Google:

If anyone’s phone gets lost, then this app shows the location of the lost device.

Google Translate:

This app translates any language to the one spoken natively by the user. It also takes inputs from device camera and handwritten texts. It can translate 103 languages online and 52 languages when one is offline.


Those who are constantly searching for jobs and internships from a safe platform, it is the best app for them. It greatly helps in networking with new people. But this app has a social media vibe for those who are using it.


Whatsapp is the most popular app among the other messenger apps globally. Texting, video calling, voice calling, sending pictures and files all can be done using whatsapp.


Those who want to learn a new language on their own this app is for them. Popular languages like- German, French, Spanish, Italian can be learnt from this app. This app has a natural vocabulary for the users. More the unlocking by the user more one can learn a new language.

Smart Tools:

It’s like an all on one tool. There are total 15 tools for the user. It includes compass, flashlight, mirror, converter, length measuring devices etc. It receives once a time payment for the app. The only drawback is that it can only be installed from the phones having a compass sensor.

QR Droid Code Scanner:

It is the best multi language scanner app. It takes smart actions during the interaction with any QR code. It has the feature of importing and sharing data.

Sleep as Android:

It is an app used to track one’s sleep cycle. It contains an alarm feature which is used to wake up the users in time.

Duplicate Contacts and Utilities:

This app helps to remove duplicate contacts from phone to make one’s contact list free from any confusion.

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